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Ringtones, anyone?
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baxaronn wrote in raburesu
What happens when a Loveless geek gets a (battered, second-hand, but still awesome) new phone?

She names it Beloved and discovers that making ringtones out of sound clips from the anime is strangely satisfying, that's what. :D I made a few more than my poor old phone's memory can hold, so I thought I'd share instead of letting them go to waste!

I had ringtones in mind when I made them, but there's no reason they couldn't be used as system sounds or... anything else you might use five- to thirty-second-long sound clips for?

Here are the files in MP3 format; if your phone happens to need .amr files, like mine does, you can grab those here.

denwa_denwa: Youji yelling "Natsuo, phone, phone! Answer it answer it! It could be Nagisa-sensei!" Probably makes the most sense as a ringtone, apart from the song ones.

hashire_omou_mama: The chorus from Hashire Omou Mama (the Zero boys' song from the vocal album).

loveless_without_love: Soubi: "Loveless. One without love. It's spelled L-O-V-E-L-E-S-S."

password_beloved: Ritsuka: "Password? B-E-L-O-V-E-D. Beloved."

protect_the_sacrifice: Ritsu lecturing young!Soubi: "Your name is your destiny. Your destiny can never be changed. Obey me. To be controlled by me... is your destiny. Fight to protect the Sacrifice."

red_flowers: Natsuo: "Split! Across his skin, countless times! Just like red flowers."

suki_da_yo_ritsuka: ...guess. :D

the_beginning_is_the_end: Youji and Natsuo: "The beginning -" "- is the end." "It is everything." "It is nothing." "Give him pain and agony." "Return your existence to nothing!"

tsuki_no_curse: The beginning of Tsuki no Curse.

...I feel kind of silly sharing these, to be honest, but I hope they're of some interest to you guys!

OH AND on an unrelated note... would anyone be interested in a translation of the last three pages of the July chapter (the conversation between Nisei and Mimuro)? I went at it with a dictionary in a fit of curiosity-induced insanity, had a friend help me with what I couldn't puzzle out, and the result is fairly comprehensible (if not terribly plot-important). I don't know if anyone would want a sort of rough translation of such a short section, but if anyone else is as Nisei-obsessed and curious as I am... well, it beats Babelfish by a long shot.

ETA: There's a sentence or two that neither I nor my slightly more fluent friend is sure of, but all in all I think it makes sense (both grammatically and context-ily). If I think wrong, don't hesitate to yell at me. :P

Mimuro: Ah, Nisei, long time no see!

Nisei: Mimuro-senpai. It's been a while.

Mimuro: Uwa~ such a gloomy face! Something happen?

Nisei: I'd say so...

Mimuro: Your hand looks like it hurts. You met with them?

Nisei: Kinda.

Mimuro: Wanna pause for coffee?

Nisei: Yes, please.

Nisei: My hand is fractured. Got shattered by that lunatic.

Mimuro: Eh~~? Scary!!

Nisei: I don't want Muro-senpai to hear about it.

Mimuro: Ye~~ah, can't say I blame you.

Nisei: I'll get my revenge.

Mimuro: Against that lunatic? Is he the same as I remember?

Nisei: Agatsuma Soubi is the same as when you last met him. He's just that type! If I can say that sort of thing...

Nisei: That little brat getting any better?

Mimuro: Mei-chan?

Nisei: Ah, right, that's what I should use.

Mimuro: I'm thinking it's just about done here.

Nisei: Well, if that's about wrapped up... thanks for your hard work.

Mimuro: Agatsuma-kun...

Nisei: Him and Aoyagi Ritsuka.

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I'd like to read that. I love Mimuro.

I edited my post to include it. (:

(Deleted comment)
Guess it was a stupid question. xD

I edited my post to include it. (:

Thank you so much for the translation! I am really only at like "I can read one-third of this" myself. *sweatdrop*

And... no, the ringtones aren't dorky, and thanks for sharing them. Hey, if it's not dorky for people to put silly songs or celebrity stuff on their phones, it's not dorky to put on fandom stuff either. *nods*

Thank you for the scans, without which I would've had nothing to translate. ♥

'Welcome. I think we all want more Loveless. ^_^



whoa...mimi chan is also here.. heheheh...
you may not remember me.. but i'm yurika yuri from mangafox... hehehe

Thank you *so much* for this translation! And, why yes, there are other Nisei-obsessed fen around here.

... looks like Soubi's been promoted to "that lunatic" XD; (The muse I mun for, infernal_rival, always refers to him privately as "that blank.")

Thank you so much for the translation. It's always nice to get even a teensy bit. I hope we get another translator soon....but I can't be too whiny since I can't read japanese at all.

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