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Yamato & Kouya Fanmix
Lyra curious
For any fans out there:

I made a fanmix for the Zero girls, Yamato & Kouya.  (Cover image links back to my journal.)

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Home (Natsuo/Youji, PG)
FMA RoyxEd Wheee!!!
Fandom: Loveless
Title: Home
Pairing: NatsuoxYouji
Rating: PG (boys cuddling)
Timeline: While Natsuo and Youji are shacking up with Soubi.
Words: 327
Summary: The Zero boys briefly debate where they belong.

“I’m so tired.”

What Will Never Be
FMA RoyxEd Wheee!!!
Fandom: Loveless
Title: What Will Never Be
Pairing: RitsuxSoubi
Rating: PG13 (angst, brief mention of a violent act)
Timeline: Volume 8, shortly after Seimei does that awful thing
Summary: Soubi visits Ritsu...
Words: 562

Although unintended, this could be considered a follow-up to In the Dark.

“I was hoping that you would come.”

Resolution One-shot "A New Beginning"
FMA RoyxEd Wheee!!!
Fandom: Loveless
Title: Resolution
Pairing: SoubixRitsuka
Rating: PG13 (fluff and angst, mentions past unpleasantness)
Timeline: **Future AU** Takes place one year after the Epilogue.
Summary: While preparing for the future, Soubi contemplates the past.
Words: 1608
AN: This is a quick one-shot I wrote because I was in the mood to revisit this story.  After all the time I spent avoiding it, go figure.

Chapter listing is here.

It was hardly the life he had imagined for them...

Loveless on hiatus until 7/28
Kouga Yun wrote in a tweet some time ago that Loveless will resume publication in the September issue of Zerosum that will go on sale July 28. As far as I'm aware of, she never announced Loveless was on hiatus in the first place, though it hardly comes as a surprise given Loveless erratic publication schedule during the last year and the recent launch of her new series in collaboration with Kurumada Masami titled "Kurumada Suikoden - Hero of Heroes." All the same, it's good to have a date to look forward to!

Fanmix: Kid Voices; Adult Voices
out the window
Hi, fans of Loveless.  I've put together a fanmix that I really hope you'll enjoy. ^_^

Title: Kid Voices; Adult Voices
Tracks: 10
Summary: Focuses on the earlier arcs/The anime.  The core theme is Ritsuka's progression from a childlike to mature conscience, and the influences of those around him.

On Japanese honorifics and their replacements.
Loveless | wtf...?
As most of us probably know, Viz is translating Loveless without honorifics. Which is a valid decision, and one I'm fine with... or would be, if they weren't making some really bad choices.

Specifically, they've decided that Ritsu-sensei and Nagisa-sensei are Mr. Ritsu and Miss Nagisa, respectively. "Mr." is fine, I suppose - it's just not what I was expecting. But "Miss," especially coming from Ritsu, gets on my nerves just a little.

If you could control what Nagisa and Ritsu are called, what would you choose? I personally like "Professor Ritsu" and "Doctor Nagisa" - again, Ritsu can go either way, but Nagisa's a little old to be a "miss" and it's really unprofessional coming from Ritsu!

But that's just me. Are you fine with Viz's choices? Do you like a third option?

FMA RoyxEd Wheee!!!
Title: Reciprocation
Pairing: RitsukaxSoubi
Rating: R (PWP with a teensy bit of fluff)
Timeline: Future AU.  Ritsuka is way older; he and Soubi have been together for years.
Words: 982
Summary: There is something that Ritsuka wants...
AN: I felt like writing a quick bit of smut for these two after what I put them through in Resolution.

Soubi thought that something was wrong when he first noticed it.


Resolution, Chapter 9 "Sacrifice" and Epilogue (COMPLETE)
FMA RoyxEd Wheee!!!
Title: Resolution
Pairing: SoubixRitsuka
Rating: R overall
Words: 5627
Timeline: **Future AU** Diverges from Volume 4/Episode 12. No mention of Septimal Moon or Wisdom Resurrection.  
Summary: Can Ritsuka forgive Soubi in time to save him?
AN: **This story deals with some dark themes, including (but not limited to) graphic violence, abuse, and murder. **  Enter at your own risk.  

It's been an interesting and utterly depressing ride.  For those of you who came along with me, thank you.

Dedicated to whatablow

Chapter listing here.  Complete Loveless story listing here.

Just a little while longer.  Then he could retreat to the darkness forever. 


Selling limited edition DVD

Due to my carelessness in all these year I ended up with 2 copies of Loveless limited edition DVD sets. I'd like to sell one. Please comment if interested :)
one is originally packed one is opened. I'm selling 1. You choose which one you want.
packed: 180€
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Click here if you need other informations (shipping, etc). I'm also selling Earthin from Kouga Yun in case someone is interested ^^