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Loveless on hiatus until 7/28
natakud wrote in raburesu
Kouga Yun wrote in a tweet some time ago that Loveless will resume publication in the September issue of Zerosum that will go on sale July 28. As far as I'm aware of, she never announced Loveless was on hiatus in the first place, though it hardly comes as a surprise given Loveless erratic publication schedule during the last year and the recent launch of her new series in collaboration with Kurumada Masami titled "Kurumada Suikoden - Hero of Heroes." All the same, it's good to have a date to look forward to!

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Quite frankly, I don't know how she or her publisher (Zero Sum?) expects anyone to stick with Loveless when they put out so little material in such a long time.

Thanks for the update though. However, I expect to be disappointed.

Thanks for the update. I'm wondering if this series will ever actually be finished. :(

HI, thanks for the info, I am happy that we will have a new vol, but I just wish she would give some resolution to several subjects like, is soubi going to stay with seimei or he will be there only for the fight against moonless?, who is loveless true fighter?, and what the hell is seimei after?, also I just wish she will spend less time with pointless histories and focus more in resolving long time mysteries. But all in all I just want to see soubi again.

But i don't understand when exactly we can finde the next chapter 118?? somebody has information about that? Please share it!

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